Volunteer Registration

Chiba International Center will provide a opportunity for citizens and members who wish to actively participate in international exchange projects as volunteers, and will effectively implement international exchange projects held in the prefecture.
We have “International Exchange Volunteer System”. (For details on this system, please see the outline of the International Exchange Volunteer System.) There are four types of volunteers: language volunteers, cultural volunteers, host family volunteers, Japanese language volunteers, and event volunteers.

We are currently looking for language volunteers, especially Ukrainian and Russian. (Even if you are outside of Chiba prefecture, please register. We also assume translation, telephone and online interpretation.)

Registration conditions

Those who are 18 years of age or older and who agree with the purpose of the “International Exchange Volunteer System”. Those who wish to actively participate in international exchange projects held in the prefecture.

About registration application

Please fill in the required items on the relevant registration application form and send it to the Chiba International Exchange Center by fax, email, or mail. (Always accepted) After reviewing the contents of the registration application form, we will decide whether or not to register.

Registration period

The registration period for international exchange volunteers is one year from April to March of the following year. Unless there is an objection to both the Chiba International Exchange Center and the registrant, it will be automatically renewed every year after the registration period expires.

Inquiry& Application: Chiba International Center

Makuhari Techno Garden D-Building 14F, 1-3 Nakase, Mihama-ku, Chiba 267-8501 TEL: 043-297-0245 FAX: 043-297-2753
FAX : 043-297-2753
Email : ied@ccb.or.jp

Reception deadline

Up to 1 month before the project is implemented

Registration Application

Language Volunteer

Language volunteers use their strong language skills to interpret at international exchange events and events, and translate books and other texts. Those who have the same level of language proficiency as daily conversation about foreign languages ​​are eligible for registration.

language Volunteer Application Form(WORD)Download

Cultural Volunteer

Cultural volunteers use their hobbies and special skills such as calligraphy, tea ceremony, kimono, and Japanese cuisine to convey Japanese culture to foreigners. Those who have abundant teaching experience are eligible for registration application.


Cultural Volunteer Application Form(WORD)Download

Host Family Volunteer

Host family volunteers invite foreigners such as international students to their homes and have them interact with each other while communicating Japanese life. There are two types of homestays, one with accommodation and one without. Family consent is required for registration.

Host Family Volunteer Application Form(WORD)Download

Japanese language Volunteer

Japanese language volunteers help foreigners learn Japanese. Those who have the motivation and background to support Japanese language learning for foreigners living in the prefecture are eligible for registration. Chiba International Center also offers training for Japanese volunteers.

Japanese language volunteer application form(WORD)Download

Event Volunteer

Event volunteers are eligible for registration if they are motivated and proficient in international exchange, multicultural events, event support, and support for foreigners in the event of a disaster.

Event Volunteer Application Form(WORD)Download