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Preventing Coronavirus Caused Pneumonia

Consultation Call Center about New Coronavirus pathology TEL:0570‐200‐613 (Chiba Prefectural Government)【External Link】
Multilingual Consultation Service Regarding COVID19

AMDA Medical Information Center Multilingual Consultation Service Regarding COVID19【External Link】

Telephone Consultation Service for Foreign Workers & Working condition consultation hot line

Telephone Consultation Service for Foreign Workers & Working condition consultation hot line (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare)【External Link】

About Special Cash Payments (100,000 yen handout)

Special Cash Payments (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications) 【External Link】【External Link (leaflet)】
Chiba Prefectural Government HP【External Link】【Language】English・Chinese・Korean・Vietnamese・Filipino・Portuguese・Spanish・Indonesian・Thai・Nepali

Information about the Housing Security Benefit

Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare HP【External Link】
Leaflet(PDF) :JapaneseEnglishKoreanChineseVietnamesePortugueseSpanish

Notice on refusal of landing

Ministry of Justice HP【External Link】【Language】Japanese・English・Chinese・Korean

Support Measures for Foreign Residents (Japanese only)

Ministry of Justice HP【External Link】 【Language】Japanese only

Support Measures for Companies (Japanese only)

Chiba Prefectural Government HP【External Link】 【Language】Japanese only

The COVID-19 Call Center (Japanese only)

The COVID-19 Call Center (Chiba Prefectural Government) ※If you are worried about infection.【External Link】

AI Chat bot information service about Coronavirus.

AI chatbot will automatically answer your Coronavirus questions 24 hours a day. (From Chiba Prefectural Government) 【External Link】

Special consultation service for labor problems due to the new type of Coronavirus infection. (Japanese Only)

Chiba Labor Bureau TEL: 043-223-2303【External Link】

For Foreigners Working in Companies
【Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Tagalog, Thai, Vietnamese, Nepali, Indonesian, Cambodian, Mongolian,Myanmar】

Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare【External Link】

Information about Coronavirus
【Simple Japanese, English】

CLAIR (Council of Local Authorities for International Relations)【External Link】

Special treatment by Immigration regarding Coronavirus
【Japanese Only】

1.Operation of Immigration Counter (pdf)【External Link】
2.For those who cannot return to the country (pdf)【External Link】
3.Coronavirus related information (Ministry of Justice)【External Link】

About the New Coronavirus

Chiba Prefectural Government HP【External Link】【Language】 Simple Japanese・English・Chinese


NHK WORLD-JAPAN NEWS #Coronavirus【External Link】【Language】 English

We provide the information for Coronavirus in 7 languages.

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